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What's so great about Howes Design Service?

The client. Your brand is important. Not only to you but also to your customers, fans, & evangelists. Howes Design Service brings out the best in branding by emphasizing the things that make you better than your competition. Every brand has it's unique story, why should yours sound like anyone else's? 

Work ethic. I know how it feels to want something. I've taught myself everything I know as a designer and in doing so have also learned that in order to make something great, you have to really want it. It's how you feel about your brand. It's how I feel about my craft. I was raised by hard-working parents in a working class town and I learned from a young age that the extra mile is never crowded.

Craft. Design is where art and science meet. It's equal parts Picasso and plumbing. It was to look good, but it also has to work well. I consider the context of your brand to ensure that what I create actually works for you and doesn't just make you look good.

Service. Some design shops hide behind fancy phrasing and smugness. Not here. I speak in plain English and am at your service. After all, I'm designing for you and not for me. That's why service is in my name. It's not just what I'm called, it's how I view my work.

Cost. Howes Design Service is just me, Benjamin Howes. There is no overhead or staffing costs that you'll find at the standard agency. Sure, I don't do everything they can do, but they won't be able to beat my rates for the services I do offer.

So again, what's so great about Howes Design Service?  Howes Design Service is at your service.


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